Wizard Reborn

Wizard Reborn

Review of RoS new skills

Upcoming Reaper of Souls changes for Wizard leaked! And it brings pretty awesome buffs for that class . . .

Full changelog (please keep in mind it will probably change a lot before released)

Stuff I like -

New Paralysis - now its much more easier to achieve the stun with high AS

Unwavering Will and Audacity - damage and armor boosters for final stands, i. e. Archons, Disintegrate or Twister Blasters

Arcane Orb - HUGE changes! More dmg, lower Arcane Power costs, much more versatility... finally a really appealing skill for masses

Wave of Force - no cooldown, cheaper. Looks good on paper, will see about it in reality.

Energy Twister - lower power costs, possibility for cold dmg output. I don't see the point behind that, it was pretty much easy to spam skill already (and boring). But why the hell not, the better wizaard, the better the game.

Meteor - cheaper and better. Pulsar rune could be painful if your [Critical Mass] can shorten the cooldown enough. Looking forward.

Black Hole - again, sounds good on paper, will see.

Armor skill, Diamond Skin - some welcomed changes, but not enough data yet to judge.

Overall, these buffs looks pretty awesome and will give Wizards much more new ways to play. And variety in builds is always the way to go. +1 Blizzard!

Wizard Ascension

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